Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paul Krugman crushed by Spanish Economist and on Squawk Box

CNBC host Joe Kernen says that Paul Krugman owes CNBC an apology."When someone disparages an entire network because he's asked to defend his views I think the network deserves an apology,"

"Wow. I just did Squawk Box — allegedly about my book, but we never got there. Instead it was one zombie idea after another — Among other things, people getting their news from sources like that are probably getting terrible advice about any kind of investment that depends on macroeconomics. But it's amazing just how skewed the policy views are too."- PK

Paul Krugman crushed by Spanish Economist Pedro Schwartz

Full Interview on CNBC

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  1. Please share your comments, and add additional information on this topic :)

  2. Is this a joke? Did you watch the clips? Krugman basically has to talk to these guys as if they are children. "Crushed"? Really? Keep calling for hyper inflation and bowing to Peter Schiff's pot of gold. What is this website, a Drudge Report for community college, bitter, white B-school grads?

    1. Nashface you are a fucking retard if you cant see how rigged the game of keynes is. And please tell us all how the economic woes globally arent intentionally caused by the keynesian ponzi scheme artists known as the federal reserve, imf, world bank, jp morgan etc,...

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