Monday, April 16, 2012

Voluntary Tax or Debt Slavery?

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Well tax day has come and gone, and I'm so happy, because I paid up my fair share.  I know it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.  Death and Taxes as they say.  What makes this country so great and a part from other nations is that we are free, and don't have Publicans coming to our door demanding that we pay up.  Although I'm very confused by this "voluntary system".  I've heard some nuts say its voluntary, but those nuts are people like Harry Reid, Michael Steele, Alan Colmes, David Gergen and many many more.  I get confused though, because political leaders and "journalists" say this, but when Irwin Schiff proves it in court he gets thrown in jail without due process.

I'm sure he is just a trouble maker though, and we all need to pay up whatever the government says.  It's not like they are spending twice as much as they are taking in.  I'm sure that they will get this 15 trillion dollar debt under control.  It's also not like they are borrowing money at interest to the controlling families of the world.  It's not like the interest alone by 2020 will account for everything that the IRS brings in through the income tax.  So what if we are in just as bad shape as Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain.  This is America, and nothing like that will ever happen here right?

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Reality Check: 
I found it interesting a couple weeks ago when talking to a Obama supporter on Obamacare.  I barely even mentioned the word "force", and I wasn't even close to making my argument yet.  He got all worked up about the word "force", and said how he didn't like that word.  He became very physically bothered and couldn't even sit comfortably on his couch almost toppling over.

I find it very interesting how when one is brainwashed to accept certain things they get very uncomfortable or even angry when those paradigms are challenged with simple logic.  It doesn't take much other then a few questions to get people to talk in circles, because they have no principles or logical reasoning to stand on.

There is an amazing 3 hour lecture from 1991 at USC that explains the tax system.  It explains historical events in terms of Central Banks throughout history, and gets very much into the current tax situation.  Most importantly how you can protect yourself from the tax man by using trusts or creating a business to get tax loops.  I learned a few things, and it puts things into perspective.  Connecting the Dots (FULL) - How the Financial World Will Collapse (1991 Lecture at USC) Skip to 1:56:00 for more of the Tax talk.
Taxation Is Robbery -Mises
The Rocky Road of American Taxation -Mises
The True Nature of Taxation -Mises
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